Vantasia Ltd is a custom camper hire company, based in the West Midlands within easy reach of all major transport links.

We want you to share the fantastic driving experience of our unique and totally custom camper van.

Vantasia Ltd provide a range of custom built camper vans, with outstanding looks and build quantity inside and out – the type you only see in magazines or shows.

The aim of Vantasia is simple. We want you to experience the best holiday you can. By hiring a bus from Vantasia you have the chance to experience driving a totally awesome camper, making your holiday much more special.

Our buses come fully fitted with everything you need for luxury camping, they will drive like they look, and be able to travel to Cornwall or anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.

We also carry out restoration work, if you'd like to find out more please call 07548 776 672 or use the form here.